Custom Keto Diet has been in news all over the internet. It is introduced by a fitness expert, Rachel Roberts, who claims to offer a personal diet plan which is individualized. This diet plan is not like the hundreds of those which are lying on the internet and those who promise to make you fit but don’t really do anything. The custom Keto diet makes use of a different approach for people to get into their dream body!


My name is Jennifer Deyon and I was introduced to the Custom keto diet by a fellow friend who miraculously lost so much weight in such a little time. Upon asking about her secret, she shared with this diet that she found online. She did not only lost weight but also felt fitter than she has felt in years. I trusted her advice and ended up buying this product. It has just been four weeks and the results are tremendous! I couldn’t contain my excitement to share the results with people like me who have struggled with weight all their lives!


This diet works by targeting stubborn fat which is usually found in areas like the abdomen and thighs. The key is to be patient to see results. You will definitely see the results once you develop the hang of it.



What is Ketogenic Diet?


Keto is a biological process in the body that triggers a process called ketosis so that the body goes into a fat-burning mode. It breaks down the stored fats or ketones to be used as fuel. Normally, our body uses carbohydrates as fuel and stores the excess of it as fats. However, we eat surplus carbs every day so naturally, some of them are stored as fat. This leads to weight gain.


With a keto diet, you can reach the ketosis stage quickly. Many people do not understand the high-fat diet and prefer a low-fat diet. However, the high-fat diet keeps you full for longer and is effective enough to burn fat.


How Does Customized Keto Diet Help With Ketosis?


Rachel Robert’s Custom Keto diet helps everyone to have a keto plan that caters to their own personal needs and goals. It is important that individual body type and goals must be kept in mind before giving out the plan. Food preferences, activity levels, calorie intake, goals, etc must all be kept in mind.


What is a Custom Keto Diet?


The custom keto diet user tells that it is a way that serves you to have a personalized program designed according to your body. After you take a small quiz, the scheme presents you with an 8-week keto diet plan. This diet plan is made according to your body type and verified using logical investigations and verified studies.


Some recent studies also show that people make mistakes while sticking to their diet plans. To achieve their target, they cut down on meals, restrict their body of their favorite foods, and make other stupid food choices. On the other hand, this kind of extreme diet plan which involves low fat or low carb can cause damage to the body and deter bodily functions.



How does the custom keto diet work?


Custom Keto Diet is a very different kind of diet. There are a few steps that are involved in this diet process which will generate a custom meal plan for you. It begins with a keto quiz where you will be asked a few basic questions about your health and lifestyle.


Steps One – The user will begin up a questionnaire where he or she will answer some questions about their current health situation, food preferences, and what are the goals they want to achieve. This information is the most essential because it is based on this that the plan would be generated.


Step Two – In this step, based on the information that you provide, you will be given an 8-week plan. This plan is exclusive.


Step Three – After the person makes the payment online, he or she will get access to the diet plan.

It is necessary to ensure that you are answering honestly. The custom diet can have a lot of benefits if followed properly for a period of 8 weeks.


What is inside an 8-week custom keto diet plan?


This program just does not only give a few recipes with what ingredients to make it with. In fact, it is a comprehensive guide. The plan is designed by experts, trainers, nutritionists, and chefs who are all trained professionals in their fields. The plan has specific calorie management and micronutrient management that will help you achieve your weight goal.


You will also get a number of food options that will help you lose weight. You will get a list of foods that will be according to your liking so that you can stick to this diet plan and achieve your goals.


The plan also comes with step by step instructions on how you can prepare the meal. It doe not require much coking skills. You just need to get all the items from the grocery store and you are good to go. At a time, you will be asked to stock up for a week’s worth of grocery and meal prep so that you can also save time. How much you should buy would also be given.


There is a balance of all the important things in this diet plan so that you can eat according to your taste and still lose weight.